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Smoothie zone

Real Fruit Real big Straw

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Fruit Smoothies

12oz / 20oz / 32oz

All Smoothies include Whey Protein 

Strawberry Fields - Strawberry, Banana  

Hawaiian Breeze - Pineapple, Peach, Banana, Coconut

Peachie King - Peach Strawberry, Banana 

Blueberry Cooler - Blueberry, Raspberry, banana

Strawberry Blast - Just Strawberry

Berry Berry - Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry 

Mango Tango - Mango, Strawberrry or Pineapple

California Energizer Sambazon Smoothie 

12oz / 20oz / 32oz

Acai Energizer - Strawberry, Banana, Acai

Acai Bowl 

Mini Acai Bowl 


Specialty Smoothies

Get Lean - Fruit, Protein, L-Carnitine, Chromium, Citrimax

Green Machine - Perfect Food, Super Seed, Flax, Enzymes, Protein

Berry Green Machine - Berry Green, Super Seed, Flax, Enzymes, Protein

Low Carb - Protein (Vanilla or Chocolate)

Lean Body - Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate. Add fruit or milk $0.45

Linebacker - 46g of Protein, Fruit, Glutamine

Twin Lab's Super Weight Gainer - 50g of Protein, 1000 Calories

Peanut Butter Cookie 

Peach Cobbler - Super Seed, Peaches, Protein  


Kids Menu


Hanna Banana - Banana, Milk, Frozen Yogurt Protein

Strawberry Wrangler - Strawberry, Banana, Apple Juice, Protein

Chocolate Yum Yum - Milk, Frozen Yogurt, Chocolate, Protein

Vanilla Cream - Milk, Frozen Yogurt, Protein

The Hulk - Berry Green, Fiber, Flax Oil, Enzymes, Protein

Chunky Monkey - Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Milk, Protein


Mickey's Favorite - Melted cheddar cheese on a flour tortilla.

Tom Turkey - Turkey and cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla



Apple Sauce

Apple Wedges

Fruit Cup



Apple Juice

Bottled Water

Frozen Yogurt Smoothies

12oz / 16oz

Strawberry Fields

Blueberry Cooler

Peachie King

Hawiaiian Breeze 


Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt

8oz / 12oz




Fresh Squeezed Juices

Country Lemonade

Carrot Juice (Organic)

Apple Juice (Organic)

Orange Juice (Organic)

Wheatgrass Shot (Organic)

Ginger can be added to all juices upon request.

Salads and Wraps

Chicken Salad Supreme - Flavorful chicken salad tossed on a bed of field greens.

Garden Salad - Assortment of field greens, ripe tomato, cucumber and sliced avocado.

Grilled Chicken Salad - Assortment of field greens, ripe tomato, cucumber and grilled chicken breast.

Caeser Salad - Fresh Romaine lettuce, creamy Caeser dressing and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

Chicken or Turkey Wrap - Choice of chicken or turkey, cheese, lettuce, bell peppers, black olives and dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Southwestern Chicken Wrap - Chicken, cheese, lettuce, bell peppers, black olives, jalapenos, salsa and ranch dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Dressing - Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese, Thousane Island, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Honey Mustard, Vinagrette, Fat-Free Ranch, Fat-Free Italian and Salsa.(Low Carb Tortilla upon request.)

Heart Healthy

Get Lean - Two Fruits, Protein, L-Carnitine, Chromium, Citrimax

Low Carb Smoothie - Protein - Vanilla or Chocolate

Peach Cobbler - Peaches, Super Speed, Fiber, Cinnamon, Protein

Chicken or Turkey Wraps - Cheese, Lettuce, Bell Peppers, Black Olives. Wrapped in Wheat Tortilla. Calorie Free Ranch or Italian Dressing. (Low Carb Tortilla upon request)

Smoothie Add Ons

Muscle Pack - Creatine, Glutamine

Raw Energy - Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly

Vitamin Pack - 71 Vitamins & Minerals

Ultimate VP - 300+ Vitamins & Minerals

Fat Burner

B12 Shot

Joint Repair - Glucosamine, Chondroitin

Green Pack - Ginseng, Perfect Food

Extra Scoop of Protein - Egg, Soy, Whey

Fiber Pack - Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Psyllium, Aloe

FAT-FREE Frozen Yogurt

Antioxidant Pack - A, C, E & Selenium

Immune Booster - Echinacea, Vitamin C

Chromium Picolinate


Extra Fruit

Peanut Butter

Bee Pollen, Wheat Bran, Spirulina, Ginseng  

Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt

Waffle Cone
Add Choice of Fruit
Other Toppings
Coconut, Almonds, Granola, Pecans, Carob Chips, Gummys, Sprinkles, Chocolate Syrup, and many more.


Smoothie of the Month

March Smoothie Of the Month

Real Fruit, BIG Straw!

Boost endurance, fight inflammation, improve your diet with a healthy wholesome

Real Fruit Smoothie!

 Do you have high-intensity workouts?

Are you looking for natural sustained energy?

Does your lifestyle a promote a healthy appetite and increased metabolism?

We have what your body needs!

The freshest ingredients await you at

Smoothie Zone!


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